Erasmus+ Geoparks of Europe: Exploring Guadalupe


The start of our journey was quite tiring as everyone had to travel a lot, and considering the time zone differences we had some problems with sleeping as well. Despite this, the whole program was fascinating.

The first day was mainly about breaking the ice for the students, we spent the morning at the beach doing several games to get to know each other. After that we visited an arboretum, where we had to form mixed groups, and using a map, solve some exercises. In the evening we got to know the local culture like food, dance and music.

On the second day we had to climb. For me it was excellent but I know some people didn't really enjoy hiking on the Sulphur-Volcano. However the volcano itself was beautiful, and mesmerizing.

On third day, we were switching between several places. One was a fault, then a memorial, after an indigo forest, and at last a geothermal plant. At each place we had to do some tasks individually. In the afternoon we did kayaking and diving which was seriously breathtaking.

On the last day, we gave presentations, each country showed one about Geoparks and Culture. Last but not least, at the farewell everyone was dancing, eating and having fun together.

Summing up it was a perfect chance to get to know the culture of Guadeloupe and make special connections with people from other nations.

Written by Vica Hortobágyi 11.e